How many times have you found yourself not knowing where to start when choosing the Party Dress for an event? Whether it’s a wedding, a graduation or a business meeting, these 4 infallible tips will serve to impress all the guests:

1. Choose the ideal outfit for each type of event: to begin with, it is important to take into account the time of the day of the celebration so as not to sin by excess or by default. On the other hand, it is not the same to attend an afternoon wedding, a work dinner or your own graduation. For a wedding, the color white must be completely ruled out (unless expressly requested by the bride). When it comes to working, the classic black and sober dresses are a simple way to get it right without effort, while when it comes to an event in which you are the protagonist; you can unleash your own style.

2. Consider the characteristics of the place: before starting the search for the dress, it is necessary to weigh the characteristics of the place where the event will be held. This will serve to rule out options. For example, if it is a beach wedding, you could opt for a bohemian-style dress, with light fabrics; if, on the other hand, the chosen site is a field, the tails that drag will be out of the race and if it is celebrated in a rainy territory, it is best that you choose an tuxedo suits outfit that does not touch the ground.

3. The types of fabric: this point goes hand in hand with the first 2, since depending on the place you should opt for lighter or warmer fabrics to be more comfortable. Also, when choosing the texture and characteristics of the fabric of your dress, remember that you must combine them with the rest of the accessories: a dress full of appliqués and embroidery must go hand in hand with more discreet and minimalist accessories. While the more sober or monochrome models require details that give life to the look. The idea is to maintain balance.

4. Pay attention to color and silhouette: knowing your body style will allow you to highlight your best attributes. In the same way, taking into account both the color of your skin and that of your hair can help you choose those shades of dresses that best suit you. For brunettes, stylists often recommend intense colors, such as red, green and dark blue, maroon and purple. On the other hand, for blondes with pale complexions, the most suitable tones are cherry red, sky blue, purples and pinks men suits. Finally, those who have light skin and reddish hair can opt for different shades of green and pastel colors.

It is also important to remember that even if you see a photograph in which someone looks splendid in a type of dress, that same model may not suit your needs. Therefore, it is essential to arm yourself with patience and try until you find the model that makes you feel comfortable and dazzling.

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