We’re not usually the kind to get complimented on our looks, but if there’s one thing we want this year, it’s for everyone — randos and pals alike — to ask us, “Are those things real?” We’re talking about our lashes, namely ones that are so long, thick, and black that they provide the appearance of falsies without the use of eyelash glue (or if we’re being really ambitious, without even swiping on a single coat of mascara).

It may seem like a pipe dream, but we’re happy to inform you that it’s a very real possibility – if you have a little patience. By summer, you may have your lashes hitting the lenses of your sunglasses, thanks to a prescription lash growth serum or an aggressive conditioning regiment. But there are a few things to consider before you run out and purchase the first lash product you find on Amazon. We asked a dermatologist and an eye surgeon to lay down everything you need to know about the best eyelash serums, from safety to effectiveness to what to anticipate after you’re done.

Long Lashes are only available with a prescription.

The first FDA-approved procedure to grow and darken eyelashes is available to individuals who are ready to go all-in (it can also be purchased as a generic drug, Bimatoprost). Eyelashes are fantastic and truly do work, but you will need a prescription for them and most insurance providers will not cover it unless it’s for a medical problem, like glaucoma, The cost isn’t exactly inexpensive. And given that most patients don’t get the full results of the serum for at least two to three months, those costs rapidly add up. However, the consequences are extremely real. The majority of individuals see spectacular outcomes. According to the dermatologist, some people get such fantastic results that they quit using mascara. You’re not far off if you believe this whole notion has a Cinderella flavor to it. The pumpkin element comes into play: When you stop using the product (or any other lash product), your lashes will gradually revert to their previous state.

Of course, there are other possible side effects to consider, such as hair growth in places where you don’t want it (due to the serum repeatedly touching other parts of the body). However, one of the most concerning, though rare, adverse effects has nothing to do with your lashes. Some of these serums include a chemical that may deepen the brown pigment of a green or hazel eye, as well as induce darkening of the skin surrounding the eye, in rare situations. For these changes, experts recommend self-monitoring or having your eyes examined by an optometrist. If you notice any changes, discontinue taking the serum right once.

Without a visit to the doctor, you can have long lashes.

If you want to enhance your natural lashes but don’t want to go through the hassle of booking a doctor’s appointment (and paying for the Rx), an over-the-counter eyelash conditioner may assist. These are more of a conditioner and strengthener than a product that will help your lashes grow. Although it may seem that they are expanding, they will be stronger and less likely to break.

Do they, however, work? Yes, according to our dermatologist. People generally notice fuller lashes, however, they may seem longer to the naked eye. Biotin (which is supposed to encourage the development of lashes), peptides (to provide a healthy foundation for growth), and lipids are all included in this and similar formulas (to condition and moisturize the hairs you do have). They also cost under $100 for a three-month supply, which is a fraction of the price of the prescription equivalent.

No matter how addictive, follow the directions exactly.

Whether you use a prescription lash development serum or a store-bought conditioner, keep in mind the following: There is such a thing as having too much of a good thing. the necessity of according to the application instructions, since too much might trigger an allergic response. An allergic response is the most common negative effect of utilizing eyelash strengthening serums. If you develop irritation in or around your eyes after taking these serums, stop and visit an eye specialist, according to experts.

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It’s not about how much you put on your lashes — or how consistent you are in applying the serums — for the greatest outcomes and to avoid any weird responses. It seems that our birth control reminder is ready to take center stage. What about our mascara? It’s possible that it’ll be cut.

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