One of the fashions that are used to make your clothes different is to sew patches on them. Teenagers use them a lot to embroider them on their backpacks to go to high school or university, on cloth cases or on denim jackets. Patches for clothing can be purchased at an affordable price in any physical or online clothing store, but they are still existing and widely seen designs, such as the mouth of the Rolling Stones, one of the most embroidered icons as a patch on clothes last decades.

If we want to be really different and we have a bit of skill, we can embroider our own patches on our clothes. Not buy one and sew it, but create it ourselves. But how to do it? Don’t worry, with a few simple guidelines, in this article we show you how to embroider patches for clothes.

Choose the design or drawing

Before starting to embroider personalized patches on clothing, the first thing we must have is a design or drawing to make our homemade patch, or if we have seen on the Internet or another site that we like, print it. To start practicing, you can take some letters or a typographic logo, such as AC DC, since it is better to start with simple designs such as letters.

Cut out the fabric

Also take a fabric of a certain thickness on which we will make the patch. Of course, do not go too thick either, to see if the needle will not pass later. Cut the fabric to the size you want, we recommend about 2.5 cm high by 5.5 cm wide. Although everything will always vary depending on how big you want to make the patch for clothes. These measurements are just guidelines where you can do a good beginner’s job.

Soap drawing on the fabric

The image that we want to make on the patch is drawn by hand on the fabric with dry soap, since this allows you to draw on the fabrics without staining them, unlike if we did it with a marker, for example.

As a curiosity, this is a technique that seamstresses use a lot. You can use any type of soap, as long as it is dry, like the typical bars of soap found in hotels to wash your hands.

Embroider the patch

Once we have made the drawing of soap on the fabric, we choose the thread of the color that we like the most and pass the thread through all the edges of the drawing. Once we have made the profile of the drawing, we embroider the sides of the piece of fabric that will be the patch. This can also be done by machine if we have a sewing machine; in the following, we explain in detail how to embroider by machine. Embroidering the sides of the patch gives a better aesthetic image and, above all, prevents the edges from fraying in the future.

The next step is to embroider the interior of the drawing that we had first reviewed with thread. If the drawing is some letters, now we would fill the interior of the letters with embroidery thread.

Sew it to the garment

Once we have our homemade patch for clothes, we only need to sew it to the garment that we like the most. It may not be perfect at first, but don’t worry, sewing is practice and hours of testing.

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