The OFF-WHITE x VLONE collab was long-awaited and highly hyped. ASAP Bari from VLONE and Virgil Abloh were there on launch day, signing exclusive merch. There is a particular subculture where this kind of thing has become very popular.

Some people call it hype culture. Some people call it alt culture. Collaborations between designers and fashionistas aren’t a new thing. But they have entered the mainstream, as one can see. Gone are the days when you would only see a collaboration between two designers on the red carpet worn by some famous actress. Today, people look forward to collaborations. The following of modern trends to design clothes that people wear casually every day has been a fruitful campaign.

This particular collaboration between OFF-WHITE & VLONE is not too unusual a style. It’s subtle, it’s stylish, and it’s not something we hadn’t seen before as Virgil and Bari weren’t looking to reinvent; instead, they were looking to remix and put out variations. Which they were successful at.


If you are interested in copping some merch from these collaborations, then read on, as we have picked out and curated 5 pieces that we think would look great on you please have a look at the below range.

1.    Off-White Dover Street Market Covered in Orange Fluro Hues Hoodie – Black

When it comes to casual high fashion. That is casual fashion, but expensive and elegant, big names like rappers and musicians go to one place. Rei Kawakubo’s Dover Street Market. Starting in Mayfair, it now has multiple branches across the globe. This Off-White Dover Street Market Covered in Orange Fluro Hues hoodie acts as a tribute act to the Dover Street Market and its casual high fashion scene. One to definitely get.

2.    Off-White Exclusive Mona Lisa Hoodie – Black

Who doesn’t know the Mona Lisa? Who hasn’t wanted that painting in their living room at one point in time? This may not exactly be a painting, but you can get the iconic painting in the form of a print on an Off-White Exclusive Mona Lisa hoodie. These days, it has become a trend in the fashion industry to take old, classic, or even antique items and revitalize them in contemporary fashion. The classic aesthetic stays preserved while the piece of modern fashion adds style to it.

3.    Off-White Eagle Logo Leather Sleeve Varsity Jacket

Of course, not everything will be built off the back of a previous art piece. As this Eagle Varsity Jacket proves. If you want to rep Virgil Abloh, this is definitely the kind of clothing you want to copy. A showpiece of their SS-18 collection, this is one of the trendiest of the whole bunch.

4.    VLONE x OFF-WHITE Sweatshirt – Black

Sometimes simplicity is what you want. It’s what you’re aiming for. But just because you want simplicity doesn’t mean that you still can’t rep your favorite designer or add some color to your look. This sweatshirt allowed for precisely that.


If OFF-WHITE x VLONE collaborating wasn’t enough, they banded together. They went on a collaboration with the contemporary designer Colette. Who was also at the launch party that day? This collaboration with Colette added a layer of depth to this already hyped collection. The expectations, when it comes to trendy streetwear these days, are always high which Virgil, ASAP, and Colette managed to meet.

Author M Latif

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