Before I discovered the Off-White Jordan 4s, my favorite Air Jordan 4 were the 1’s. It was then that I fell in love with the design. They were perfect. I loved the silhouette of the 4 and now love them. These are big and stylish, but still comfortable.

Jordan 4 History and Background

The Air Jordan 4 is unlike anything else. Tinker Hatfield and his talented design team had to create something extraordinary after AJ 1 and 3 were released. The basketball silhouette was first teased in Sports Illustrated’s November 1988 edition in the OG “Bred”, and “White Cement flavors. It made its highly-anticipated debut at the NBA All-Star Game in Feb 1989.

Michael Jordan’s fourth shoe was a dominant player on the court. It quickly became one of the most desired models in Nike’s history. It was a relatively expensive model at $110, which would have been more than $260 today in dollars. Sneakerheads and Bball fans ate it up as if nobody cared.

The AJ 4 is still a popular sneaker, even 33 years later. It’s hard to find a sneaker with such an impact on the industry, so Sole Retriever’s Air Jordan4 Buyer’s Guide is the best place to start!

What about the materials?

They have a completely smooth leather upper. The 2012 Jordan Brand was of average quality, which is not to say that it was poor. They are however slightly better, but not by much. The leather seems to be softer and has more grain. It still feels flat, visually and texturally, compared to a sneaker made with better leather. I may be spoiled by the New Balance pickups lately. They don’t feel as cheap and plasticky as the retros.

Can you use the Air Jordan 4 Golf Shoes as sneakers?

The original launch colorway for the Air Jordan 4 Cement was in 1989. Many non-golfers will be curious to see if these Jordan golf shoes can be worn off-course as regular sneakers. These shoes can be removed from the sole but you should not wear them as regular sneakers. These sole plates will also make you feel very hard when you walk and sound really harsh.

1. Design

According to Nike, the Jordan 4 Golf is a stitch-for-stitch reconstruction (or re-creation) of the original sneaker. Although the shoe looks very similar, sneaker enthusiasts will be able to notice a few differences. These changes were made to make the shoe more suitable for the course.

Cement is the new colorway for the shoes, which was the OG launch option back in 1989. Sneakerheads will be able to see the sole of the shoes as a major difference from the original. The original Nike Air logo was replaced by a Jumpman logo. This is a Jordan brand shoe. I think it’s perfectly fine. But I also know that this can cause serious problems for sneakerheads.

2. On-Course Performance

I am going to just copy and paste the performance section of my AJ3 review. These areas are almost identical between the two shoes. The Jordan 4 golf shoe has a solid platform and good grip. The Jordan 4 is comfortable and easy to wear for long periods of time. These shoes are not only statement shoes, but they also perform well as golf footwear. The Air Jordan IV is a fantastic golf shoe that I will continue to use.

3. Care:

Although I have never cleaned them, I am very careful with my Off White Air Jordan 4’s. I bought them to resell. Crep Protect spray is applied to my sneakers to protect them against water and staining. They go straight into my sneakers closet after they are worn. Because I’ve collected many sneakers, I keep a few in rotation to help them stay clean. There are many great sneaker-cleaning products. The Crep cleaning kit works great for me. We also have sneaker cleaners in Amsterdam. If my four-year-old son were to get very dirty, I would definitely recommend one of these shops.

The Jordan 4’s were first shown to me by a friend. I must admit that I was not sure of their shape. They became more appealing to me the more I saw them. I soon began to love their chunky shape. They are now a staple in my sneaker collection.

4. Sizing & Fit:

The Jordan 4 size. It’s been difficult for me. I usually wear my UK5 size if they are a women’s colorway, like the Off White Jordan 4’s. If the colorway is for children, I would have to order half a size larger. They fit me smaller. If you want to be safe, I recommend going half-size up on Jordan 4’s.

Comfort is very important to me when it involves shoes. Therefore, I would say that Jordan 4’s can be described as somewhat comfortable — comparable to Air Force 1’s or Jordan 1’s. They’re sneakers, so they’re comfortable. But, you can’t compare them with modern runners with the latest cushioning technology.

5. Comfort Level

Jordan 4 is very similar to Jordan III. The Jordan IV has a more mid-profile design so it will not be as comfortable on your feet as a low-top golf shoe. Will it be “no show” friendly for socks? It’s probably not as “mid-top”, but it will be okay. You can still use a decent ankle sock (shout it Kentwool) and you are good to go. The footbed should be medium. It should be somewhere between firm and soft, similar to the original IV basketball shoe. The Jordan IV was the first shoe to have a visible Air-Sole unit to increase cushioning in the step.

The Jordan IV golf shoes have one other thing that I’d like to point out. These shoes aren’t the most breathable in the world, so they may get a little too warm for you. These shoes will be comfortable for me to wear on a daily basis in Summer 2022.


Cleaning Air Jordan 4s made from nubuck/durabuck is a challenge if you are a rough shoe-setter.

This is especially true for darker colors that can fade after cleaning.

Protect the shoes by applying a protective coating before you wear them. You can also add additional coats as necessary.

The traditional leather versions can be cleaned easily with something like the Essential Shoes Cleaning Kit. This kit provides all the necessary tools to maintain your pair at a reasonable price.

Final Thoughts

Although Jordan golf shoes may not be my first choice, I still love the fact that Nike continues to release new models and colors of some of my most beloved sneakers. They’re not cheap and they aren’t traditional but they offer a refreshing change of pace for golf. Even though they may not be my favorite pair of shoes, I still enjoy picking up a pair from the shelf that brings back memories of Chicago in the 90s. They are great for real-deal golf shoes, and I can still enjoy my best game in them.

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