Despite its effortlessness, the Vlone logo is conspicuous and monetarily fruitful. You’ll need to pay significantly more for a dressing thing with the lettering “Vlone” than for a similar apparel thing without it.

Which Means And History

“You live alone, you pass on alone” – this is what the Vlone brand depends on. Three prime supporters set it up, A$AP Bari and A$AP Rocky of the hip-jump aggregate A$AP Mob, and CLOT’s Edison Chen. As indicated by Bari, the brand has a place neither to streetwear nor to high mold; it’s somewhat a way of life brand. One of the significant impacts on the brand’s DNA was Harlem, the piece of New York where A$AP was made.


The basic Vlone image includes the name of the brand in an exceptionally readable serif typeface. The extents of the letters are strange; the glyphs are taller than they ought to be. The word is separated into two inconsistent parts with the assistance of tones. Whatever shading the “solitary” text is, dark or white, the “V” is constantly given in an alternate, splendid fashion, including red, green, blue, and then some.

The “Companions – ” token 

You may have seen T-shirts, hoodies, and different things highlighting the content “Companions – ” and thought about the significance of the lettering. As per A$AP Bari, the less sign signifies “zero,” so

the content signifies “Zero companions,” “No companions.” To lay it out plainly, it’s simply one more method of saying “alone” or “alone.” 

In specific renditions, the less significant is set all around, while there’s no circle outline around it in others. The fact of the matter is that the less has regularly been ignored without the edge, which offered the expression of the logo muddled. At the point when the round outline shows up around the “-,” it causes a person to notice it, making the person in question consider what it could mean.

The “V” Image

There’s one more form of the Vlone brand logo. It very well may be seen on the rear of the dressing things with the “Companions – ” sign. There’s a huge letter “V” in an uncommon kind impersonating an engraving made on the divider. You can sometimes see another form of a similar seal, where the “V” is set inside a circle. 

Text Style

While the text style of the ordinary Vlone logo is similarly customary, the “V” token has a more distinct look. The glyph appears to have been taken from the typeface called Bundy Yellow. 


The shade of the image relies upon the shadow of the garments thing it is put on. If the foundation is dark, the lettering “Solitary” usually is white, while on the white foundation, the lettering is dark. The “V” may go in differing splendid tones. Concerning the “Companions – ” and the “V” emblems, they are commonly given in orange or dark.


While the textual style of the customary Vlone logo is nearly conventional, the ‘V’ symbol has a more unmistakable look. The glyph seems to have been taken from the typeface called Bundy Yellow.

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