Vlone is a sleek and minimalistic logo that captures the essence of the brand that it represents. Before we get into the symbolism and meaning behind the logo itself, it is important to establish where it actually came from. The brand was created by rappers ASAP Rocky and ASAP Mob, in collaboration with CLOT’s Edison Chen. Vlone was started as a representation of the hood, and a collection of everything that stood for.

This is why Vlone is not restricted by labels such as “streetwear” or “high fashion”. While many both in the media and in the fashion world have tried to put the brand into a convenient category, Vlone’s founders claim that their brand is neither streetwear nor high fashion. They think you should create your own path with the clothes you sell.

When it comes to customers, the founders have very specific people in mind. They want to empower the underrepresented youth of America. In fact, the brand purposely puts out limited editions of certain pieces collected only for the target audience it is marketing towards. This essentially shows how serious the founders are about the meaning behind their label.

The Literal Meaning

In terms of where the name Vlone itself came from, according to the founders, the word quite literally means “you live alone, you die alone”. The word may be interpreted to be a shorter, catchier version of “we are alone.” The message behind this is simple. It calls for absolute control and independence over one’s own choices i.e. no restrictions in terms of friends, family, colleagues, or government representatives.

At the end of the day, you are on your own and the choices you make are about you and for you. Inherently, that means that you can trust no one but yourself because no one but yourself will have your back in life. People will come and go, and some will stay for a long time. But after that is all said and done, you will still be alone, and that is something that you always have to remember.

Vlone is about being there for yourself, spending on things for yourself, and living life for yourself.

What Is The Message That Is Being Sent?

The way the Vlone logo is placed on its T-shirts and other clothing items also send a message. The V looks like a symbol of what the brand represents. It stands tall, alone, and in a way that would make people think twice before approaching. Based on the clothing item it is printed on, the color of the V will vary, however, the use of neutral, solid colors such as black, white, or yellow symbolizes a very serious existence.

In essence, Vlone’s founders are sending a message through the name of their brand. And the message is one of having your own back because, in this world, there’s little else you can rely on.

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